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Thandiwe McCarthy, wrote this piece in response to the murder of George Floyd.

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I Am Black History

This was first published in 2017 in Understory Magazine for an issue about the lives of Black Nova Scotian Women. It was reissued in June 2020 because it highlights the often absent voices of Black people and because, as the editor Lindsay Ruck says, "Black women matter. Black artists matter. Black futures matter. Black dreams matter. Black lives matter."

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It's Not My Childhood

This poem, first published by Understory Magazine in 2020 was written by Chantal Martineau after a trip to Nova Scotia to explore her culture. Chantal's poetry looks at the intersections of memory and truth, identity and belonging

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Jim Crow Also Lived Here

Leonard Paris, uses his own voice to tell his own story of life growing up poor and black in rural Nova Scotia. Paste the link provided in your browser to check out Leonard's book.

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Dionne Joseph shares the challenges of being mixed race. Dionne is a writer, speaker, wife and mom of 5 who loves tending chickens and walking dogs. She’s an advocate known as Auntie-Mom to the children her family serves through a ministry of foster care. Follow her blog:

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