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“My parents believed in human rights for everyone

right across the board and I grew up with that attitude.”

Scott Parsons was born in Picton, Ontario where his father was on a military posting. His farther’s family came from the West Indies and ended up in Lucasville, Nova Scotia. His mother’s family is from Wolfville in the Annapolis Valley. His father is Black but had a Scottish ancestor, “..hence where Parsons came from.” His mother has both English and Mi’kmaq heritage.

Scott and his nine siblings grew up in Prince Edward Island and he has made it his mission to uncover and recognize the almost forgotten history of Black Islanders. To this end he has written the music for three albums - Juniper Wise (1993), The Old Stock (2014) , and most recently Darkie’s Hollow (2019).

Scott will be part of Season 2 of the I Am Black History podcast.

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