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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

"I feel less inclined to need to present in any one way or

another; in any one group or another."

Tamara Steele (Gough), was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her mom was born in Nova Scotia and her dad is from St. Kitts and moved with his family to Canada in 1970. Tamara spent her early years between East Preston, Cole Harbour, and Hammonds Plains. She was a student at Cole Harbour High School.when racial tensions erupted in 1989: see a link below.

Tamara doesn't remember having a lot of conversations with her parents about race issues or their history. Her dad was from a family whose attitude was, "Your fine. And if you're not, just act like your fine." She says her mom is just beginning to talk about her life as a Black woman.

Tamara is now the president of the Black Cultural Society in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. She says it's a good time for her because she is just coming into her own as a Black person and a Black woman.

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