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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

"I learned a long time ago that the world of words

would be a world of rescue for me."

Mary Louise McCarthy, was born December 24, 1955 in Woodstock, New Brunswick. She is the fifth of nine children. Both of Mary's parents were from NB. Her mom, a teacher for a brief time in North Preston, Nova Scotia and her dad, a disabled war vet, met at a picnic in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the mid 1940's.

Mary has always felt connected to her ancestors and believes they gave her the energy and sense of the importance of standing up for herself. This was evident in the human rights case she brought and won against Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto, Ontario. Mary believes it's important that we educate ourselves, to read and to get out there and volunteer with grassroots organizations that are promoting Black History.

Listen to Mary talk about her first memory of racism, her dad's hair cut story, her connection to The Book of Negroes, and her description of racism.

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