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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

"Telling stories are meaning making. I don't think

anyone else should be telling our stories."

Nneka Allen was born in Windsor, Ontario but currently lives in London. Nneka moved to London when her daughter, Destiny was starting university. Nneka thought the plan was for her daughter to go to university in the United States where Destiny's father is from but after a visit with friends to Western campus, Destiny decided that Western was where she wanted to study. It's not the easiest thing to pack up and move but Nneka said, "I felt like this would be the last opportunity I would have to really set her up for success as she entered adulthood."

Nneka has amazing stories to tell about her family history, about her grandmothers, and about the community she grew up in where Blackness was celebrated.

Nneka is a Black Metis woman and shared with me what she is learning about the intersection of Black and Indigenous culture in her family.

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